My name is Paris Xavier Pinkney, a Senior iOS Engineer and UI/UX Designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


I've been working in the design industry for more than 10 years under the moniker PXPGraphics. My career began as a package designer and advertising/marketing designer for Pepsi. From there, I became a front-end web developer, where I also worked on videography, photography and post-production.

My next adventure was with an inspiring team at Marqeta, where I worked as the design lead and later pivoted to become their first native iOS developer. We designed, implemented and maintained a myriad of enterprise mobile apps for their partners' payments platform(s).

A few years later, I was given the opportunity to work with a hyper-dynamic team at Scribd, where I continued my journey from a mid-level iOS developer to a senior-level, focused on scalability, reliability and performance. There, I had established my passion for software architecture and systems design. 

Currently, I work with an amazing team at Udemy as a Senior iOS Engineer. My typical day involves feature planning, refactoring legacy code for simplicity, performance and longevity, writing unit tests, and teaching my colleagues the wonders of Swift, Objective-C, C, and proper interoperability between each.

Nearly 10 years ago, I shifted from being a full-time designer to a full-time developer. This has allowed me to grow within many fast-paced and dynamic environments, while researching and enhancing my product design and development skills as a freelancer.

My thirst for knowledge is very potent — I read articles, blogs, and books on design, programming, philosophy & business daily. It reminds me that there is always more to learn, and more importantly, always someone willing to teach.

I am extremely passionate about creating innovative experiences (digital or physical), and fully embrace the realization that my best work usually occurs after the end of typical work day. I love what I do for a living and hope to evolve and adapt as I continue to grow.

My personal goals for the upcoming year will be to (1) establish an iOS programming blog to share my knowledge and get feedback from the community, and (2) showcase my product development process for each of my side projects, from visual wireframes to open-sourced, native iOS applications for others to engage.